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Why I Switched From Fortnite to Apex Legends!

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Gaming enthusiasts are no strangers to Fortnite. The super-hit battle royale game has gained immense popularity since its release, and up until earlier this year, it seemed nearly impossible that their position as the number one battle royale video game would be challenged.

However, all that changed with the launch of Apex Legends, which is one of the latest arrivals into this genre of video games competing for the attention of avid gamers such as myself. 

If you had told me two months ago that another game would soon come to the fore in my go-to games, I probably wouldn’t have believed you.

But after much persuasion from a friend, I finally decided to give Apex Legends a try, but merely to prove my point that Fortnite was still better – obviously!

It’s crazy, but little did I know that I might actually start preferring to play Apex Legends.

Is Fortnite Better?

To be fair, there are a lot of features of Fortnite that are still more advanced when compared to Apex Legends, but most of these features are something that Apex Legends already seems to be working on.

The biggest things that constitute Fortnite’s easy-going appeal are its ease of access and availability.

You can play it on almost all devices including your PC/Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, iOS, Android, and Switch. In fact, it even allows for cross-platform gaming. 

Not only that, but you can play Fortnite anywhere you want—the cloud, PC or Android …and even switch to another system without losing your progress in the game.

On the other hand, Apex Legends is currently available only on the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, but from what we hear, there are plans in the pipeline that include launching Apex Legends on mobile.

Plus, as we know, the building system of Fortnite makes it stand out from all the other games in the “battle royale” space. By contrast, there’s no building system in Apex Legends but… some of the mythical characters could function in a similar fashion.

For example, with Gibraltar, players can dodge bullets and shield themselves from grenades. However, unlike Fortnite, Apex Legends doesn’t allow you to fight battles – and build – simultaneously!

So, you might be wondering why I still switched from Fortnite to Apex Legends. To clear the confusion, I’ve listed down some of the reasons why I shifted:  Battle Gameplay, shooting mechanics, rules of revival, battleground feel, and the characters.

Battle Gameplay

Contrary to common belief, besides both being shooter-games with a last-man-standing theme, Apex Legends and Fortnite kind of have little else in common.

This is primarily because, unlike Fortnite and other battle royale games, Apex Legends is a first-person shooter game.

Now, while this doesn’t allow you to be as “aware” of the situation as Fortnite’s third-person gameplay, a first-person viewpoint does make the entire game experience somewhat more realistic.

In addition, Apex Legends also has more sophisticated shooting mechanics and an efficient revival system. Here are some direct comparisons…

Shooting mechanics

Apex legends: The target feels precise and satisfying. Close-quarters-combat feels pretty consistent.

Fortnite: The aim feels rather inconsistent by comparison, with a greater focus on close-quarter combat.

Revival system

Apex legends: Your teammates can revive you. If your whole team is down, you lose.

Fortnite: Once you die, that’s it. You’re removed from the game, even if you’re playing as part of an entire team.

Overall Gameplay

Apex legends: The primary focus is on team-based strategies and FPS gameplay. Your shooting skills are extremely important. For now, there is little variety in gameplay.

Fortnite: At higher levels, the gameplay becomes a lot about being highly trained with the building system instead of just shooting. There is more overall variety due to various gameplay events.

You can even move faster and more smoothly in Apex Legends. The following movements are allowed:

  • Sprinting
  • Climbing up buildings
  • Sliding down any hills with ease

Better Tutorials

While both games have a myriad of tutorials available on both their official websites and also helpful videos from other players, Apex Legends takes it a step further with in-game tutorials.

Apex Legends has easy to learn, accurate and useful in-game tutorials as well. In contrast to this, in Fortnite, you’re almost always all on your own once you step into the battleground.

Game Mode

Apex Legends is available in a squad-only mode. This is rather new to the battle royale space but great for those who thrive more on a team-based scenario!

But what exactly does the term “squad mode” mean? Well, it means that players can compete in teams of three and bank on a team alliance.

It even synchronizes effortlessly with the Jumpmaster component. This feature randomly chooses a player from your team who then decides where the team will land on the map, thereby enabling your team to land on the same place together and so improving team play.

Fortnite does offer diversity in its game modes. You can play solo or as a team of two or more players.

But, it has to be said, the initial placing is performed differently from Apex Legends too.

Each player can land anywhere on the map, even if you’re playing as part of a team. This means that it’s possible that all your team members end up landing at different places, thereby ruining team play – annoying!

Battleground Feel

If you’re particularly fond of games with highly realistic graphics, then Apex Legends certainly takes the cake.

Fortnite’s ambiance is surprisingly quite comical yet kind of serious at the same time. It’s strangely charming in its own way, and it changes constantly with novel elements.

Epic Games has been pretty creative with Fortnite, giving creative and poetic names to places such as Tomato Town, Wailing Woods, and Perilous Prison.

Fortnite also makes a number of references to pop culture. This helps them get noticed and mentioned by influential people within the pop culture – nothing wrong with a bit of celebrity promotion!

For example, last year in May, Fortnite launched an Avengers Infinity War crossover event in the game in which players could get ahold of the infinity glove and play as Thanos.

A number of players were also found greatly impressed by Fortnite’s dance emotes. Fortnite has a rather comical charm which certainly makes gaming a lot more fun and memorable.

Apex Legends on the other hand, with its supreme graphics, is much more realistic and adventurous to play. In fact, players have reported they experienced an adrenaline rush the whole time they played the game – now that’s my kind of gaming!

Variety of Characters Available

In Apex Legends, you can be so much more than just one character. You can be a technology tracker (Bloodhound) or even a combat medic (Lifeline). You can be four more mythical characters with tactical, passive and ultimate abilities, with almost all of them starting from scratch as a basic team.

In contrast, Fortnite has zero mythical characters at all and there aren’t any characters with unique abilities. Players might be interchangeable and all of them start the game using a pickaxe.

Playing as mythical characters can be much more exciting. One has more personality and special abilities which makes the battles more eventful and captivating.

…and on top of this, within the game champions, players can also buy Mirage, the holographic trickster.

Final Verdict

So, finally, this brings us to the big question- is Apex Legends here to replace Fortnite?

Apex Legends got a rather secretive launch from EA in the early days of February; regardless, it witnessed a record 25 million downloads within the first week of its release.

Ever since then, gamers all around the globe have been hailing Apex Legends as a Fortnite killer – well there had to be a game making that claim at some point!

But that said …gamers are shifting their focus towards Apex Legends because of the highly specialized graphics that it boasts.

It has sophisticated shooting mechanics as well as an efficient revival system. The Jumpmaster feature, along with the overall improved team play, also makes it stand out.

So, it looks like I’m not the only one who thinks that Apex Legends is here – not only to stay – but also to knock Fortnite off the pedestal.

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