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The Youtube Channels you shouldn’t miss

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Even if you have only recently gotten high speed Internet, you have probably heard about the greatness of YouTube. Since the site has videos on nearly every subject, we have compiled a list of channels in various categories that you do not want to miss.

Home Décor, Organization, and Improvement:

Cable channels like HGTV and DIY are scripted and edited for production value. The home improvement channels on YouTube often show a much more realistic view of what home renovation is really like, plus you can pause, rewind, and walk through step by step. Here are some of the top home improvement YouTube channels you might enjoy:

  • AtHomeWithNikki: This is a great channel for home decorating on a budget, and Nikki is basically an organizational superhero.
  • House & Home: House & Home is a fantastic resource for DIY enthusiasts. They have a lot of videos covering a wide range of subjects, from things like decorating Christmas trees to full home renovations. Not only do you see cool houses featured in the videos, but you also get tips and tricks along the way to help you replicate the projects in your own home.
  •  Ask the Builder: The catchphrase of The Builder, also known as Tim Carter, is, “I’ll help you do it right, not over!”  Whether you’d like to learn how to use a drill driver or how to unclog a toilet using water, this is a great channel for you.
  • Ron Hazelton: Ron Hazelton previously served as the Home Improvement Editor for Good Morning America and hosted two national home improvement television series. Now he has a successful YouTube channel with over 500 free DIY ideas, tips, how-to’s, suggestions, and video tutorials.
  • This is a great resource although it is different from the others on this list in the sense that you can purchase home improvement items directly from their website. As far as the channel goes, though, you can glean much information from their videos without purchasing anything.

Fashion and Makeup:

  • Audrey Coyne: This YouTuber is primarily fixated on two things that she does extremely well: fashion and minimalism. Not only does she help people discover their own personal style, she also helps viewers free themselves from clutter at the same time.
  • Safiya Nygaard: Safiya Nygaard’s channel is all about fashion and makeup, but she puts a cool spin on all of her videos, making them unique and fun to watch. For example, instead of reviewing a Sephora lipstick, she mixed every lipstick Sephora sells to see the results. She also travels to mix things up; she recently went to Korea and got a K-Pop makeover.


  • MrBeast: Mr. Beast gives out massive amounts of money and supplies to charities, people in need, and average people who could never make the kind of money he has to share. He does it in cool ways; some examples include buying out an entire grocery store to feed people in need, buying a homeless shelter’s entire wish list, and even giving a randomly selected Fortnite streamer $100,000.
  • Simple Happy Zen: This is the perfect channel for viewers interested in intentional living and taking care of their happiness. Every week, the creator, Vera, makes videos about minimalism, simple living, happiness, and self-development.


  • Disney Food Blog (DFB):The DFB channel focuses on bringing viewers everything edible in Disney’s parks, resorts, and cruise ships. The channel comes highly recommended by trusted sources like NPR, New York Times, and Food and Wine. Given that it’s about Disney and food, it is family friendly and safe to watch with your kids.
  • Epic Meal Time: The cooking/comedy channel is known for creating incredibly high-calorie meals, generally out of meat products (especially bacon), and including alcohol. Due to the emphasis on alcohol to accompany the meals, it is not as family friendly as the other channels we recommend. An example of one of their high calorie creations is a giant burrito filled with 200 McDonald’s burgers.

Kid/Tween Channels:

  • Dude Perfect: This is a crazy channel with great tricks, stunts, and celebrity and famous athletes making cameo appearances.
  • NigaHiga: This is a PG based channel with hilarious skits.
  • PewDiePie: More kids follow PewDiePie’s channel than any other. It’s a mixture of content, but heavily features gaming and technology.
  • Jenna Marbles: Adults and kids alike love Jenna Marbles. She vlogs weekly about life and the power of positive thinking, and she creates original skits.
  • Studio B: Studio B is a smaller channel featuring a girl named Brooke who takes viewers on her journey with books and reading.  It’s great content for kids to find out which books to read.   


  • DanTDM: Dan reviews almost every game known to mankind and he is family friendly.
  • Mumbo Jumbo: Mumbo Jumbo, aka Oli, makes videos and tutorials about the popular game Minecraft.
  • ProGuides:  This channel is dedicated to Fortnite and helping people get better at it. In fact, the full title of the channel is ProGuides Fortnite Tips, Tricks and Guides.


  • Khan Academy: This channel offers totally free videos on nearly every subject you may want to study.
  • The Video Math Tutor: This one is pretty self-explanatory!
  • Mathademics: Creative and helpful videos on all types of mathematics.
  • Numberphile: This is a channel for people who love numbers.


Audiobooks, while typically more affordable than regular books, can still be out of budget for a lot of people. Luckily there are YouTube channels full of free audiobooks, especially if you want to read the classics.

  • Audiobooks Unleashed: From Mark Twain to Franz Kafka, this channel has classic literature audiobooks covered.
  • Greatest AudioBooks: This channel is similar to the last one, but they are trying to branch out. They have author interviews, book reviews, and writing tutorial videos in the works
  • The Great Gatsby: This is not a YouTube channel, but it’s the quintessential American novel in audiobook form.


  • Cobra Kai: A YouTube original series, Cobra Kai is a reimagining of The Karate Kid.
  • Good Mythical Morning: This channel features great, unique, and consistent content that is appropriate for all ages. Kids and adults alike enjoy the show. It’s a comedy show featuring two men from the south. They cover many topics, but most frequently do food and product reviews. They make it fun by adding a game element; the guys will often see which of them can guess where a strange food comes from or what decade a recipe was created/popular.


  • BuzzFeedVideo: They have a whole network of videos from taste tests to makeup to cooking shows and a lot of comedy and reaction videos. It’s family friendly, and there is truly something for everyone.
  • Shane Dawson: He’s essentially the current king of YouTube. He started with sketch comedy and moved into food tasting videos. More recently, he has been doing long-form documentary videos about other YouTubers’ lives and conspiracies. He did a series with a blind girl and he wore blind goggles so he could see how she lives for a day.
  • A Heist with Markiplier: This is not a channel, but it is an article detailing YouTube’s first interactive film, A Heist with Markiplier, which starts streaming October 30th. It is interactive in the sense that you will be able to decide how the film ends by making decisions throughout the movie. According to YouTube, the special includes 31 possible endings and 61 videos, with a variety of “life-or-death” decisions along the way.

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