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The Best Free YouTube Channels To Help Your Kids With Their Homework.

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Modern life is busy. If you’re raising children, homework is a major part of their world. The first assignments come in Kindergarten and the volume only increases each year. It seems that once kids reach 5th or 6th grade, their homework becomes much harder to assist. Parents undoubtedly begin to find themselves spending their own free time trying to get caught up on various subjects just so they can help with their kids’ homework.

Have no fear; the good news is there are a ton of great resources to help you and your student(s) with some of the more challenging courses like math, chemistry, physics and more.  We’ve compiled some great sites and links to help you make sure that the homework gets completed on time, AND most importantly, your student is learning.

Video tutorials are some of the best aids available today. While there are a number of alternatives that might also be worth checking out, YouTube remains the number one source for video tutorials. Below are some of our favorites:


In some circles, it may be safe to say that YouTube is the best school the government never built.

Not many people alive today can argue the sheer importance of YouTube with regard to tutorials on most topics. From seemingly simple things such as how to boil water, to really complex things, YouTube has something for you.

And by anything, we mean educational topics like math, English, chemistry and physics, among others. Yes, you could learn all of these on YouTube, if only you could cut through the tons of content available on the platform and get to the right channel(s). That’s our aim today; we want to point you to the right channels where your kids can learn the above listed courses.

School From Home

Scholastic Classroom

Even when schools are closed, you can keep the learning going with these special cross-curricular journeys. Every day includes four separate learning experiences, each built around a thrilling, meaningful story or video.


For the best educational content in math (algebra, geometry, calculus and fractions), you can visit any of the channels listed below:

Patrick JMT

  • Started 2007
  • 1.3 million Subscribers
  • 1972 videos

With a teaching experience spanning over 15 years teaching colleges and online classes, Patrick’s math channel is one of the places you want to get the help you need with math homework. The fact that he has lectured in one of the world’s top 20 universities makes him a certified teacher and an authority within math tutorial spheres.

He has a book called Calculus for Dummies where he simplified the seemingly difficult topic in a bid to ensure an education of inclusion. He also teaches other topics in math. His aim as a teacher is to provide crystal clear explanations, and to present them in a manner suitable and comfortable for students. You will do well to check out his channel.

Mathantics (math + antics)

  • Started 2011
  • 1.3 million Subscribers
  • 77 videos

If you want to see math come alive with a bit of humor, then this is the channel you want to try out. Two good friends, Rob and Jerry, run the channel. It was born out of a passion to create math resources that are simple, effective and highly engaging. Animated videos are used to teach every topic you intend to learn. Simply visit this channel and laugh away the mathematical difficulties.

Krista King

  • Started 2010
  • 193k subscribers
  • 954 videos

For those who would rather have a female approach to the matter, Krista King is your sure bet. She has videos on a range of topics. She teaches all the way from basic middle school classes to advanced college calculus. With Krista, you will understand the plot, and grab basic important concepts you need to understand the different topics in math.


English is understandably a difficult language. If you are having challenges with the English language, or need to point your kids in the right direction with regards to home tutorials, then these channels would be of great help to you.

BBC Learning English

  • Started 2008
  • 2.41 million Subscribers
  • 2,214 videos

This channel belongs to the BBC and is a trustworthy place to learn the English language. Videos that touch all aspects of English are uploaded on a daily basis, and all videos are well categorized into topics for easy accessibility. These videos are presented by qualified English teachers. If you are a sucker for the British accent, then this is the channel for you.

Voice of America Learning English

  • Started 2009
  • 1.27 million Subscribers
  • 3, 464 videos

This channel is hosted by the Voice of America and is strictly for learning the English language. This channel uploads videos on a regular basis, touching on the different aspects of the language. If you want to learn English the American way, or help your kids with their homework, then this is your channel. Their videos are also well arranged according to topics and are presented by English teachers in a news format.

Rachael’s English

  • Started 2008
  • 2.26 million Subscribers
  • 642 videos

Worried about pronunciation? Give this channel a try. Rachael, an expert in phonetics, can help you improve your pronunciation skills one word at a time, one video after another.


Learning physics on YouTube can be enjoyable with the following channels:

Dr Physics A

  • Started 2011
  • 253k subscribers
  • 223 videos

This channel is a place to learn physics from the very basics. The tutor presents the subject in the most simplistic and holistic manner possible. All topics are well arranged for easy access. Warning, though: the tutor teaches with an assumption that you already understand basic calculus and algebra. If you are to point your kid here, you now understand the requirements.

Flipping Physics

  • Started with 2013
  • 48.6k subscribers
  • 427 videos

This channel is run by 3 guys, Billy, Bobby, and Bo. They teach basic physics education. Their videos are well categorized into different topics for easy access. Try this channel today to get the good physics education you desire.


If you are out to find good chemistry teachers on YouTube, kindly consider this list of some of the best chemistry teachers on YouTube:

Tyler Dewitt

  • Started 2007
  • 830k subscribers
  • 193  videos

If you are having problems with chemistry at any level, then Tyler is the man for you. He teaches chemistry from the basics to the apex in a very simple manner.  He patiently goes through the basics using a lot of examples and analogies. Visit this channel and be wowed by its simplicity. All topics are well arranged into different playlists for easy access. You can try out the channel today.

Chemist Nate

  • Started 2010
  • 141k subscribers
  • 357 videos

If you have any of those chemistry questions that never get answered in class, then you should try out chemist Nate. He explains the difference between a lot of similar terminologies and concepts. If you really want to figure out high school chemistry, this is the way to go.

There you are. You can now say goodbye to all of the problems and difficulties associated with nagging children and homework, thanks to exceptional talents online who have taken the time to make difficult topics easier to understand. Now you can get better clarity and even step ahead of the class if you want to.

Some other great YouTube channels you might want to check out

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