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Smart Kitchen and Cooking Technology for the Holidays

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The holidays are right around the corner, so we’re all getting ready for cups of cocoa, cozy time with family and friends, and lots of scrumptious meals. While it’s a lovely time of celebration, it’s also one of the busiest times of the year, with a lot of extra work (and people) in the kitchen.

Thanks to modern-day technology and the interconnectivity it allows, there’s a slew of smart appliances and kitchen tools that can alleviate a little bit of that stress. You don’t necessarily need to turn all of your appliances into smart ones, but a few of these items will lessen some of the time you spend in the kitchen. We couldn’t pick our favorite, but we were able to narrow down our top picks to a list of 7 smart kitchen appliances and tools to help you out this holiday season.

1. Drinkworks by Keurig

Keurig is known as the coffee powerhouse, but another of its products is the Drinkworks cocktail maker. It’s a one-button machine that serves cocktails, brews, and wines. The three-step process comes in handy for creating fun holiday drinks to wow your guests.

2. Smart Food Scale

With precision at the forefront, the Smart Food Scale is a tool that helps you get exact measurements of what’s really going into your body. It is made with a compact and slim design, so it can easily fit in your pocket or in the palm of your hand. It measures things like calories, fat, and other relevant nutritional information. The best part? It connects to an app so that you can see the contents of your food in real-time.

3. WiFi-Enabled Slow Cooker

If you’re planning to cook up some crock pot recipes this holiday season, you may want to invest in a WiFi-enabled slow cooker. Connecting to the WiFi allows you to control the temperature and power button from your wireless device. This is helpful for busy days of running back-to-back errands when you won’t have a chance to get home and check on the food.

Tired of getting up and down to turn on the microwave? The Amazon smart microwave is one of many smart microwaves that allows you to talk to it. The microwave syncs up to your Alexa, so when you’d like to send your food for a heated spin, you can tell Alexa what specific instructions the microwaves should do.  

5. LG Smart Refrigerator

You’ll likely be stocking up on extra food and beverages throughout the holidays. A smart refrigerator may be just the thing you need! There are plenty of models and types of fridges to choose from, and they all work to make you more efficient in the kitchen. You can link your refrigerator to a smart app on your phone so that you can control the temperature and ice maker remotely.

6. COSORI Smart WIFI Air Fryer

Air Fryers have been quite the craze—for a good reason! This kitchen appliance allows you to fry food without making a greasy, unhealthy mess. It’s simple and intuitive, so it doesn’t require a lot of extra effort to use.

7. Hiku

This tool gets points for being unique because there’s nothing else like it on the market. The Hiku tool is a button that lives in your kitchen and connects to your phone. It picks up on your grocery needs and scans food items. Then it adds your grocery list directly to the Hiku app on your phone. Most grocery lists get longer and more detailed around this time of year, so it’s a good idea to have a techy helper like the Hiku.

While you’re planning out family gatherings, holiday shopping, and all of your endless to-do lists, you may want to take on a little extra help this season. We’re fortunate to have all kinds of integrated ways to make cooking that much easier—not to mention, less stressful. Whether you’re looking for something to connect to your phone or a tool that will speed up the cooking process, there’s something for everyone. And since you can use it with the whole family for all the holidays to come, it’s the gift that keeps giving!

Don’t forget your wireless router!

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