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Screen Sharing App: 5 Top Applications That Transform How You Work From Home

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Whether you’re doing tech support for customers, attending virtual meetings with colleagues, or simply working from home, screen sharing is one of the best ways to share your ideas, illustrate the points you want to make, and seamlessly connect you to your clients or coworkers without frustrating anyone over a regular phone call.

Screen sharing services allow users to use a variety of applications for both professional and personal use. If you work from home, for example, you’d be amazed by how productive you can be with the efficiency of screen sharing. Have meetings from your couch—after all, people will see your screen, not your physical form—or easily give someone instructions for a proposal without having to verbally explain every aspect.

It can be incredibly frustrating trying to convey exactly what you mean or think over a phone call or email without any visual aid. If you have a computer/laptop, reliable Internet, and a good wireless router (people forget about this, but routers are important), you can use screen sharing apps to illustrate your ideas or share your work.

Below we have created a list of excellent screen sharing apps with descriptions so you can compare them and decide which one suits you best:


GoToMeeting is a crowd pleaser because of its seamless collaboration tool that allows users to access 18 great features, including the ability to connect up to 250 team members at once. You can chat with people whether they work for your company or not. GoToMeeting also leverages cloud-based technology that allows you to record and store your meetings online for easy review and sharing. There is a start for free option available (a 14 day trial), but you’ll need to sign up for a paid account to enjoy the plethora of benefits that come with using the platform.


No screen sharing app list would be complete without mentioning TeamViewer in a primary spot. It has a great reputation among users and is quite popular due to how easy it is to use and the free version of the application that works for non-commercial purposes.

After downloading the application, you will have the chance to set up the full version—which includes the great and often invaluable feature of remote support—or you can just set it up as a service (unattended) for remote access from other computers.

To most easily access your account from another computer, select the dropdown menu under Partner ID. There will be a list of remote computers that are already logged in, and then you can choose which computer from the list to connect to and view via a remote screen instantly.


Skype is essentially viewed as the holy grail of online free calling, and it serves as the most natural means of online communication for most because it is extremely easy to use and accessible.

Skype’s free access is perhaps their most significant advantage as users only have to start paying when they make calls to a landline or mobile device with their Skype number. Skype allows you to send messages, video chat with multiple people, and most importantly, share your screen for demonstrations and presentations without paying anything.

People who use and pay for office365 can avoid the call fee mentioned above as those calls are bundled with the Office365 service. Although Skype is probably the most popular service on this list, there are still screen sharing apps that offer more features than Skype.


Honestly speaking, I have a terrible bias for this platform. Not like we have an agreement or partnership, but it comes from the great and immersive experience gotten from this platform.

Zoom is one of the best video conferencing platforms, all you have to do is signup, put a call through to your client and invite other team members to participate. Although you get to pay for Zoom’s premium and enterprise and Business packages, it still gives users a free service that hosts up to 100 viewers for a 40 minutes long meeting, local recording, and screen sharing. You can see Zoom pricing range here.

So, if you are in search of a screen-sharing platform that allows you to share audios or video calls with multiple persons, Zoom can get the job done.

People who use Zoom tend to rave about the platform and the immersive experience of using it. It is a great video conferencing platform and it’s easy to get started; simply sign up, put a call through to your client, and invite other team members to participate. Additionally, you have probably already gathered that Zoom is great for screen sharing as well. You have to pay for their premium, enterprise, and business packages, but their free tier is great too. Without paying anything, you can host up to 100 viewers for a 40-minute long meeting, make local recordings, and share your screen with others. For pricing information on their different packages, check here.

Digital Trends has a great article on best tips for using Zoom found here.


Screenleap is a great option for people who don’t have to share their screen 24/7 because their free version allows up to 8 viewers and 40 minutes per day of use time. It is incredibly easy to set up and easy to share with other people; after signing up, you get a permanent URL that permits others to connect directly to your screen when you choose to share it. Simply send them the link and they’re in!

If you are heavier user of screen sharing, however, their basic plan is only $15 per month and their pro plan is $31 per month. Both of these plans allow audio conferencing for seamless conversation and you can compare them here. They have other unique features beyond screen sharing as well if you’re looking for a solution for more than one need.

So, which one do you prefer? Most people cannot or don’t care to keep up with multiple apps for the same thing. Even with slightly varying work situations, you should be able to find one app that covers all your sharing needs on the go. We advise you try using the free versions of different apps to see which best suits your work lifestyle.

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