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Popular YouTube channels about Home Décor, Organization, and Improvement

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Cable channels like HGTV and DIY are scripted and edited for production value. The home improvement channels on YouTube often show a much more realistic view of what home renovation is really like, plus you can pause, rewind, and walk through step by step. Here are some of the top home improvement YouTube channels you might enjoy:

  • AtHomeWithNikkiThis is a great channel for home decorating on a budget, and Nikki is basically an organizational superhero.
  • House & Home: House & Home is a fantastic resource for DIY enthusiasts. They have a lot of videos covering a wide range of subjects, from things like decorating Christmas trees to full home renovations. Not only do you see cool houses featured in the videos, but you also get tips and tricks along the way to help you replicate the projects in your own home.
  •  Ask the Builder: The catchphrase of The Builder, also known as Tim Carter, is, “I’ll help you do it right, not over!”  Whether you’d like to learn how to use a drill driver or how to unclog a toilet using water, this is a great channel for you.
  • Ron Hazelton: Ron Hazelton previously served as the Home Improvement Editor for Good Morning America and hosted two national home improvement television series. Now he has a successful YouTube channel with over 500 free DIY ideas, tips, how-to’s, suggestions, and video tutorials.
  • This is a great resource although it is different from the others on this list in the sense that you can purchase home improvement items directly from their website. As far as the channel goes, though, you can glean much information from their videos without purchasing anything.

Fashion and Makeup:

  • Audrey Coyne: This YouTuber is primarily fixated on two things that she does extremely well: fashion and minimalism. Not only does she help people discover their own personal style, she also helps viewers free themselves from clutter at the same time.
  • Safiya Nygaard: Safiya Nygaard’s channel is all about fashion and makeup, but she puts a cool spin on all of her videos, making them unique and fun to watch. For example, instead of reviewing a Sephora lipstick, she mixed every lipstick Sephora sells to see the results. She also travels to mix things up; she recently went to Korea and got a K-Pop makeover.

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