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How You Can Still Play Classic Retro Video Games Online

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There is simply no denying the appeal of modern video games. Backed by powerful hardware in consoles, PCs, and new television sets, today’s games feature amazing visuals. However, awesome graphics alone do not always guarantee a great time. Sometimes people just want to boot up a few of the old classic games and revisit the golden era of video gaming.

The first generation of video games couldn’t rely on incredible graphics to woo gamers. Instead, they made up for their relatively simplistic visuals by incorporating engaging, sweat-inducing, fist-pounding gameplay elements to suck players in, and they did a wonderful job of it. Do you remember playing late into the night because you needed to have just one more round of your favorite classic video game?

If you don’t have the budget or room for an upright cabinet, or your first-gen console has already died a painful death, how do you go about playing your favorite classics of yesteryear? The answer is to head online, where you can enjoy many retro video games in all their monochromatic, 8-bit glory. Below, we’ll discuss a few great ways to play old games with nothing more than a browser on your PC and your keyboard:

Classic Reload

  • ClassicReload: This site has made a large number of the old classic games available to play for free and it even includes many of the early game console adaptations from the likes of Sega, Commodore 64, and Amiga OS. It doesn’t require Adobe Flash to access the site either, which we can’t say about most of its competitors.

    We love that ClassicReload features super popular games from the past, such as Space Invaders. It wasn’t the first video game credited with chewing through a kid’s weekly allowance, but it was the first to introduce a difficulty curve—even if it was just a technical glitch and not by design. The difficulty curve was the result of using low-powered processors to run the game. As players blasted away aliens, the load on the processor was reduced. Calculations could be performed much quicker with fewer aliens on the screen, and they sped up as you cleared the screen.

    We’d definitely recommend you check out their version of Space Invaders. If that’s not your jam, ClassicReload will also give you access to more than 6,000 other old school classics.

Play Classic Games Online

  • PlayClassicGames: This is another popular site with thousands of different games to play from all eras of gaming. Regardless of the era in which you grew up, you’ll find plenty of games that will trigger massive bouts of nostalgia.

  • ClassicGame: If you want to enjoy old arcade classics in their original form, this site is worth a visit. It features all the old favorites, including Arkanoid and BrickOut. (Note: if you’re disappointed by the lack of Galaga on this list, have no fear because you can play it here!)

The only caveat to playing on the above sites is that Adobe Flash needs to be enabled, which may prevent the more security conscious from accessing their old favorites.

We’ve covered the best free resources for retro gaming online, but if you’re willing to pay for your favorites, we highly recommend you also check out Good Old Games. It was initially created to keep a generation of classics from the late 1990s and early 2000s from slipping into obscurity. It has since become a storefront for more modern offerings, but they still maintain a generous helping of paid-for games for the nostalgic players. The great news is that you will own the games and you can get a refund if Windows 10 doesn’t come to the party. Plus, you can play them offline as well, and the prices are very affordable.

Still want more? Below we’ve compiled a list of some of the top games from back in the day with direct links for you to play them immediately:

Oregon Trial

Oregon Trail (because who doesn’t love dying of dysentery?)

Battle Zone Tank Warfare




Donkey Kong

Space Invaders

Super Mario Brothers


If reliving the days of playing these games through a browser isn’t what you are looking for here are a few consoles available for purchase.

Atari Flashback 8 Deluxe with 105 games – 2 Wired controllers and 2 Wired Paddles

Nintendo NES Classic Mini Console

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