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How to Turn Your Home Into a Smart Home: 9 Methods to Integrate Tech in Your Home

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Nowadays, there are smartphones, smart TVs, and even smart cars, but what about building a smart home?

If you’ve ever wondered how to set up a smart home, you should know that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars for someone to do it for you. Rather, there are many DIY smart home hacks and installations that you can take advantage of without breaking the bank.

Keep reading to learn about how to turn your home into a smart home.

1. Save Energy and Install Smart Lights

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When it comes to setting up a smart home, an easy place to start is by buying smart lights. You could try one room to see how it feels or you can go all out and buy bulbs for every socket.

LED bulbs not only last longer, saving your money by avoiding regular bulb replacements, but they also use less energy, which means a lower electric bill. In this way, the bulbs more than pay for themselves.

If you want something even better than that, there are bulbs that can actually connect to your Wi-Fi, a central hub location, or even Bluetooth via your smartphone.

Additionally, you can replace your regular light switches with smart switches which can dim your lights and can be controlled from anywhere in the house using Wi-Fi.

2. Protect Yourself with Smart Smoke Detectors

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A normal smoke detector can only shriek if there is a fire in your house, but a smart smoke detector can alert you on your smartphone in addition to setting off a loud alarm.

You can also program it to alert anyone else who can be of help during an emergency situation.

A house filled with smoke can be dangerous to try and escape, but some smart smoke detectors can turn on emergency lights that can help you see better during evacuation.

3. Do Fewer Chores with a Robot Vacuum

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Let’s face it, none of us enjoy doing house chores. With a robot vacuum, you can stop worrying about one less chore.

What’s great is that you don’t need to spend a lot of time setting up the robot vacuum.

All you need to do is prep the charging dock, give your robot vacuum some juice, then let them suck up all the dust bunnies, dirt, and other debris that’s scattered across your floor.

4. Ditch the Clunky Keys and Install Smart Locks

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Keys can be a nuisance to keep track of and are heavy things to lug around in your pocket all day. However, if you have a smart lock, all you’ll need is your phone or your fingertips to open your front door.

Best of all, you won’t ever need to worry about if you forgot to lock the front door or not because the smart lock will automatically do it for you.

If you need to have others access your home, such as a babysitter, you can create multiple passcodes for your smart locks.

5. Try a Smart Doorbell

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A smart doorbell is a great device to pair with your smart locks.

If it detects motion at your front door or if someone presses the button, then you’ll immediately get an alert and a live video sent to your smartphone.

Gone are the days of peering between the blinds or through a peephole and trying to guess who’s at your door.

6. Install Smart Outlets

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You might know that when you leave your laptop charger and phone charger plugged in, it consumes energy even if the device itself isn’t plugged in.

When you install smart outlets, though, they can be programmed to accurately suit your needs and lifestyle without wasting lots of energy.

This is yet another way to save money on your electric bill.

7. Increase Your Security with Cameras

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Having cameras inside and outside of your home will allow you to sleep soundly during these turbulent times. Best of all, whenever you go on vacation or simply out to dinner, you’ll be able to use your cameras to make sure everything is alright at your home base.

Cameras that are visible on the outside of your house are a good way to scare away potential burglars. You can also have cameras that light up when people pass them, which is good for you if you’re walking up to your house in the dark and bad for invaders who need to lurk in the shadows.

8. Save Money with a Smart Thermostat

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A smart thermostat can heat and cool your house with maximum efficiency based on when you’ll actually be in the house and when you’ll be at work, for example. But that’s not all, the best smart thermostats can literally detect whether you’re home or not and then act accordingly, saving you money on your electric bill.

You could also install a sensor-based thermostat that pays attention to where you are in the house. It will then only cool or heat that area, rather than wasting energy by doing the entire home.

9. Party with Smart Speakers

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Smark speakers in your living room or elsewhere can not only give you amazing sound quality, but they can also act as hub centers to control your smart lights, smart TV, and more.

All you have to do is kick your feet up, break out the popcorn, and tell your speakers to dim the lights so that you can take full advantage of an epic movie night.

Now You Know How to Turn Your Home into a Smart Home

With these 9 methods on how to turn your home into a smart home, you can begin to revolutionize the way live in your house.

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