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For most Netflix users today, Netflix is a streaming video service without much beneath the surface. You open the website or app, scroll through thumbnail images and short descriptions, and pick something to watch. In reality, there is more to Netflix than the average user may realize. In order to get the most out of your Netflix subscription, check out these tips and tricks:

  • Download movies to watch when you are offline

Since 2016, Netflix has featured the option to download shows or movies for offline viewing. You’ll have to have some foresight about what you want to watch since you can’t download them when you’re already offline, but it’s great if you are planning on being offline for a while but still want the great viewing content Netflix has to offer.

  • Find exactly what you are looking for with “Netflix ID Bible”

The website What’s on Netflix has a thorough encyclopedia of strange and fascinating subgenres you would never find listed on Netflix if you stick to the surface features. It’s called the Netflix ID Bible and essentially, it provides easy-to-use ID codes that you can paste on to the end of a Netflix URL to find exactly what you’re looking for. For example, if you’re sad and looking to cry it out, try code 6384 for the subgenre of films called “Tearjerkers.”

  • End buffering

It’s time to end the suffering of buffering. How can you keep up with fast-paced films and shows when they take forever to load, often in the middle of viewing? Here are some useful workarounds, listed by method of viewing:

  • Computer, Apple: While playing a title, hold down Shift+Opt and left click to open a “hidden” menu, also known as the Stream Manager, with buffering fixes and other streaming options
  • Computer, Windows: Shift+Alt will get you to the Stream Manager
  • Chrome: Crtl+Shift+Alt/Opt+S
  • Wii, Xbox 360, or PlayStation 3: use the directional pad and click up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, up, up, up, up to reach the same hidden menu
  • Watch movies when other subscribers might be busy

Another way to improve your video quality is streaming during less popular hours, namely late night and early morning. When fewer people are logged on to the site, the people watching Netflix experience better quality and faster video.

  • Watch original foreign-language movies

Netflix’s library is filling up with foreign-language movies and many of them automatically play a dubbed version, which can sound very awkward and unnatural. If you’re not a fan of the dubbed films, enable the subtitles, choose the option for ‘original’ audio, and select the subtitle in your preferred language.

  • Get rid of embarrassing titles from your history

If you’ve ever binged a guilty pleasure, you know it comes back to haunt you on Netflix through the “watch again” section or recommendations for similar programs. If you’d like to clean up your algorithm, you’ll be happy to know that you can delete your search history. To do so, simply go to your “My Activity” page and click the X beside the program you want to delete. Note: it can take a while (up to 24 hours) for it to actually go away, so delete it a day before your Netflix and chill session if that’s the embarrassing situation you’re trying to avoid.

  • Feeling indecisive? Try Netflix Roulette

Have you ever wished Netflix had a “random” button so you wouldn’t be so overwhelmed by all the options? Today’s your lucky day. Netflix Roulette allows you to filter by genre, iMBD ratings, and Rotten Tomatoes scores to help guide your searches.

  • Find out what movies and shows will soon be added to Netflix

When the 1st comes every month, Thrillist updates their list of Netflix’s new movie and TV show offerings, taking the mystery out of the situation. While it’s exciting to open Netflix and see something you didn’t expect to be available, the list can help you plan your binges!

  • Customize your subtitles

We covered how to fix the dubbing issue above, so now let’s improve your subtitle experience. Netflix allows you to change your subtitles’ color, size, font, and more. To accomplish this, go to “Your Account,” then “Your Profile,” and finally hit, “Subtitle Appearance” to make subtitles your own. Happy streaming!

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