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How to find work from home jobs that are legitimate

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Options on finding legitimate work from home jobs have become extremely popular, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that 1.8 million Americans left their jobs between 2005 and 2017 to work from home. These people are often referred to by several names including: work-from-home employees, telecommuters, remote workers, and digital workers. When these employees were asked why they left their 9 to 5 jobs, they highlighted that working from home increased their happiness, allowed them to make more money, and gave them greater flexibility. In 2017, Global Workplace Analytics published a report on the state of telecommuting and below are some key findings as it relates to the work from home job economy:

  • The potential to earn more money.  The average telecommuter is 46 years of age or older, has at least a bachelor’s degree, and earns a higher median salary than an in-office worker. 
  • It’s more common than you think. 3.9 million U.S. employees, or 2.9 percent of the total U.S. workforce, work from home at least half of the time—up from 1.8 million in 2005 (a 115% increase).
  • Equal opportunities for men and women: Roughly the same population of women and men work from home.

Show me the money – a good list of legitimate work from home job openings:

So how to find work from home jobs that are legit? The first step is figuring out what you want to do and what the job you want requires. Next, you’ll want to equip your work from home space so you have all the tools required; it’s not just about having a laptop. Lastly, as you go through your search, remember to beware of scammers. 

There are a lot of sources out there, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the more popular and reputable companies and sites looking for people to work from home. These jobs range from $12 an hour up to $50 an hour depending on what you’re doing.

Virtual jobs at Amazon – there are so many options here involving customer service and customer experience.

Aetna has great work from home options – from data entry to customer service and sales.

Virtual Assistant jobs at FlexJobs

Transcribe Me! is a great opportunity for those wanting to transcribe data.

Belay has great virtual assistant jobs, and they also have certified job training to help you earn more.

Alorica’s motto is “Passion. Performance. Possibilities. In your PJs.” They specialize in virtual assistance and customer service jobs.

American Express offers an excellent selection of virtual/work from home jobs that pay well and have nice benefits

Concentrix does remote reservation sales and service focused around the hospitality industry.

Sutherland Global specializes in remote customer service.

Working Solutions has positions for travel agents, customer service, transcription, and sales. 

Sykes has remote customer service jobs that are designed for work-at-home employees

Online Tutoring – there are so many options here. These are some of the top ones we’ve found:

  • Magic Ears is an online English learning platform. You can work with students of all types all over the world helping them learn English. 
  • Chegg is no cash cow; only the top 5% of Chegg’s tutors earn up to $1,000 per month, so this would most likely be a great choice for a second job or side hustle. Money aside, it is a good site where you can easily build your reputation as a great online tutor.
  • FlexJobs costs money to use ($15/month, $30/quarter, or $50/year), but people who have used the service generally say it’s worth every penny. FlexJobs does the hard part of combing through the millions of job listings online to find the real ones (let’s be honest, there are a TON of fake opportunities out there) to give you a solid job board to view. And it’s not just any job board; FlexJobs focuses on remote work.

Lastly, there’s Fiverr: This site lets you do just about anything from recording audio or video clips, graphic design, to copywriting and editing. Set your prices and get started. You can make money doing all kinds of things on there.

Equipping your home office

Depending on the work from home job you find, you’ll need to have the right equipment and connections to not only get the position but succeed as well. 

What you’ll need to equip your home office:

It’s important to note that you can write off the equipment and services you use for your home office. Think of it as getting a 35% discount.

Forbes has a great work from home toolkit found here

Beware of These Common Scams:

How to find work from home jobs that aren’t scams? Scammers are always looking to make a quick buck, and preying on people that are looking for a good job is no exception. Here are a couple of key warning signs to look for and avoid:

  • Pyramid or multi-level marketing. A lot of scammers prey on people looking for jobs, so they advertise not jobs but rather opportunities. The “opportunity” may look good at first, but it’s really a pitch to get you to invest in their system or tools to be your own boss; in short, it’s a pyramid scheme. The only people making money are at the top of the pyramid. Multi-level marketing is a great way to annoy your friends and family, though, if that is ever your objective!
  • Charging your fees to work for them. If they are going to charge you a monthly fee to work for them or get started, it’s a scam. There are a whole host of other companies with similar names (usually involving “make money” or “make profits”) that suggest social networking can be a cash cow. But their game is all the same: Whether you’re talking about something you see on Craigslist, eBay, Facebook, Twitter or whatever’s the next hot thing, you’ve got to be wary.

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