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How to Broadcast Console Games

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Only a couple of decades ago, the rave of the video gaming industry involved very enthusiastic players who would do literally anything to get the newest Nintendo 64 console. These days, the story is similar but with a twist. The streaming game industry has seen unprecedented growth over the last few years and is expected to continue to grow exponentially in the foreseeable future.

With daily visitor figures as high as 15 million on the gaming-streaming service Twitch, it is no surprise that video streaming giants such as YouTube and now Microsoft’s Mixer, and Facebook have developed a service dedicated to streaming games—undoubtedly an attempt to catch up with the industry pioneer Twitch.

In this post, we will take a detailed look at how to broadcast console games as well as some of the best platforms for streaming your games.

How to broadcast console games

You, too, can be a part of the growing population of influencers on game streaming sites by learning how to effectively broadcast your console games while keeping engagement levels up.

On the most fundamental level, broadcasting your console games requires creating an account on the platform which you intend to broadcast on, downloading the server, opening the game you intend to stream, reaching for the chosen platform’s interface, and clicking broadcast to begin streaming. Some of the requirements for streaming include:

Want more information? Here’s the essential list of all the gear you’ll need to start streaming.

The best platforms on which to stream games:


Arguably the best live streaming platform to broadcast your console games, Twitch given that they started it all. There is a plethora of content waiting to be digested by Twitch loyalists and a gang of hungry viewers waiting to churn through more content. With an estimated 15 million visits daily, and an average watch period of one hour and 30 minutes, Twitch makes for one of the best platforms for streaming your online games.

How to connect on twitch:

On Xbox:

Option 1: Stream directly from the Xbox console

Step 1: First, acquire your stream code from the twitch options menu.
Step 2: Next, Download the Twitch app from your Xbox Store and login
Step 3: You’ll be prompted to enter a six-digit code which can be found on your twitch account dashboard. Enter this code.
Step 4: Hit the Broadcast icon to begin streaming
Step 5: If you intend to share audio with your viewers, then enable your Kinect device.
Step 6: Finally, input your broadcast title and hit the button with the inscription ‘Start broadcast.’


Option 2: Use a capture card (Requires a computer)

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Step 1: Connect the capture card to a nearby PC with the USB
Step 2: Connect an HDMI cable from the console to the “Video In” on the capture card
Step 3: Connect a 2nd HDMI cable from the “Video Out” port on the capture card to the TV

Note: Steps 1 – 3 allow for you to play games as you normally would. While the capture card is receiving all the video data from the console and sending it to the broadcasting software on the computer. Giving you more functionality through third party broadcasting software. While also giving you the ability to use aftermarket hardware.

Next, on the laptop
Step 4: Make sure you have the proper drivers installed for the capture card.
Step 5: Download broadcasting software such as OBS, Streamlabs, and Xsplit
Step 6: Configure scenes, sources, alert box, chatbox, Tip Jar and so on…
(Here is full setup tutorial for StreamLabs OBS)
Step 7: Hit the Start Stream
Step 8: Finally, input your broadcast title and hit the button with the ‘Start Stream’ button.

On PS4:

The ps4 console native software makes for an easier streaming experience directly from the console. Different than Xbox thanks to the inbuilt streaming facilities.

Option 1: Stream directly from the PS4 console

Step 1: Simply start the game you intend to stream
Step 2: Tap the button with the icon ‘share’ on your controller
Step 3: Navigate to the option which reads ‘Broadcast gameplay’ and select it.
Step 4: You should see a number of options. Among the options, select Twitch and log in to your twitch account if you haven’t.
Step 5: Input a title for your potential stream and start streaming.

Option 2: Use a capture card (Requires a computer)

Referrer to the above mentioned ‘Option 2’ under the Xbox steps. Using a capture card, you will be taking the exact same steps to setup.

How to connect on Mixer


Connecting your Xbox on Mixer is quite a seamless process, owing largely to better integration between both systems since they are both owned by Microsoft.

Step 1: Tap the dedicated Xbox button on your Xbox controller.
Step 2: You should see the broadcast button among the options listed – select it.
Step 3: Select the icon ‘more options’ to change the name of your broadcast before streaming.
Step 4: Finally, tap the button with the inscription ‘B’ to return to the previous screen (Broadcast screen) and select ‘start broadcast’ to stream your game.

Note: Ensure to connect your app to your Microsoft account, especially if you are part of the older generation that used the Microsoft beam service.

If you are entirely new to Mixer, then simply navigate to the satellite icon and stream your gameplay.


Ps4 consoles do not have original support for Mixer, owing largely to Microsoft’s ownership of the platform.

Using a capture card will be the options option.
*Please refer to “Option 2: Use a capture card (Requires a computer)” as mentioned above under Xbox.


While the name YouTube rings a bell (pardon the pun) for most people these days, it usually does so in regards to video streaming and not necessarily gaming. In an effort to cut a market share of its own, YouTube launched its very own gaming-streaming platform called YouTube Gaming, giving pioneers such as Twitch a run for their money.

YouTube Gaming initially launched in Asia in a bid to hold down a market share, and it did so successfully. The site prioritizes the viewers above all else, ensuring a seamless streaming experience.

Some other noteworthy streaming services include:
InstaGib TV

While we strive to give you a good overview, we cannot cover every unique feature each platform has to offer. We encourage you to check out several of them before committing to one streaming platform as you may discover cool features that are perfect for your style of gaming.

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